Practical Policies and Proposals
[1]    Company Tax [2]    Excise Duty on Tobacco
[3]    Excise Duty on Petrol [4]    Excise Duty on Alcohol
[5]    The Constitution[6]    Traffic Management
[7]    Broadcasting[8]    Global Warming
[9]    Cannabis [10]   Social Welfare

[1]   Company Tax

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Better New Zealand proposes to reduce Company Tax to 18% in year one and to 10% in year two.

Enable Companies to pay higher wages to lower income earners. Ensuring balanced prosperity.
Encourage research, capital investment and training thereby improve productivity.
Increase the capacity of enterprises to increase marketing and exporting.
Assist the formation of new businesses and therefore increase prosperity.
Enable producers to lower prices. This will increase discretionary income and demand.
Help companies increase their sponsorships of worthwhile causes.
Encourage companies to reduce debt and thereby lower their interest costs.
Through lower debt and interest costs make enterprises more resilient in economic downturns.
Incentivize owners to leave profits in companies thereby increasing the company's wealth creating capacity.
Lower incentives to draw off profits in the short term and increase the incentive to plan for the longer term.
Galvanize the Productive Economy increasing GDP by 5% to 10% per annum.
Stimulate the growth of existing businesses increasing jobs and employment.
Reduce the amount companies spend on taxation avoidance strategies.
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[2]   Removal of Excise Duty on Tobacco

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Remove the Excise Duty on Tobacco

The current level of Excise Duty is an attempt by politicians academics and social engineers to cure people of smoking.

It has failed
What it has done is crippled the ability of low income earners and beneficiaries to pay for the needs of their children, to pay their power bills, buy their groceries and provide the necessities of life.

It has forced low and average income and beneficiaries to take high interest loans from “payday” lenders and brought about the destruction of commerce in small towns and suburbs where smoking is prevalent.

Better New Zealand will instead provide health centres in these neighbouthoods to offer free Chest Xrays to smokers and encourage vaping and Snus

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[3]    Excise Duty on Petrol
and removal of Road User Charges

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Better New Zealand will remove Road User Charges and Excise Duty on Petrol and finance new transport infrastructure through Infrastructure Bonds issued for 50 years at 6%

Every New Zealander uses the roads whether they drive a car or own a truck. Every product or service contains an element of road “use.”

Financing new infrastructure through bonds will spread payment over the at least three generations that use the infrastructure.

Better New Zealand believes that the road system is like every other public good, the defence forces, the police service, the courts and the education system

It's maintence should be funded through the general taxation system.
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[4]    Excise Duty on Alcohol

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Excise Duty was first used in the 2000's to control the health probl;ems caused alcohol consumption
It started as theory by academic theorists and crusading politicians as a means of controlling "bad" behaviors caused by alcohol consumption.

The proposal has failed.

Excise Duties cannot solve social problems

Excise Duty on alcohol has increased costs for people on low income lowering their capacity to cover their costs of living.

It has moved alcohol consumption from licensed premises where there is host responsibility to less salubrious surroundings.

It has lowered the ability of low income people to accompany their consumption of alcohol with meals.

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[5]    The Constitution

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Better New Zealand belives the constitution cannot be trusted in the hands of politicians. It should be in the hands of the people.
There should be a written constitution.

The Proposed Constitution should be a plain recital of the current constitutional arrangements of New Zealand.

If approved by a vote of over 50% of voters (who must be citizens) in a referendum called for that purpose the Proposed Constitution should be passed by Parliament as an act called the Constitution Act of New Zealand

A provision enabling future amendments to the Constitution will be part of the Proposed Constitution. It will provide that future changes to the constitution of New Zealand will be by way of an 'amendment proposition' also approved by voters at the next general election.

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[6]    Traffic Management

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A Better New Zealand Party Government will establish a new agency, the Traffic Management Service, to manage the traffic system.

This agency will assume all traffic management tasks currently performed by the New Zealand Police Service.

With the establishment of this service as part of New Zealand Transport Agency all elements of the traffic system, road design, road construction, accident investigation, traffic enforcement will be the responsibility of one Agency.

The Traffic Management Service will focus on driver improvement not fines.

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[7]    Broadcasting

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Better New Zealand will convert the current TV1 channel to a non commercial public service broadcaster funded by the State.

The new Public Service Channel will not broadcast commercials. No program would be interrupted by promotions for upcoming programs. These would appear at the end of the program.

Guidelines would be established for the channel to ensure the channel is impartial, balanced and fair. A quota would be established of 30% of New Zealand content.
The current Television Channel 2 would be sold.

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[8]     Global Warming

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Better New Zealand proposes to remove all regulation and Acts of Parliament dealing with Anthropogenic Global Warming, (Climate Change) and Carbon Dioxide emissions

The reason why

Land Area

World 148,429,000 sq Kms

N Z 268,021 sq Kms

NZ = .18%


World 7,446,364,780

N Z 4,370,000

NZ = .06%

CO2 Emissions World

36,000,000,000 Tonnes

N Z 54,000,000

NZ = .15%

If every signatory fulfills all obligations of the Paris Climate Accord for 82 years it will lower world temperature in 2100 by 0.17 of one degree

New Zealand's contribution to the reduction of Anthropogenic Global Warming will be .000255 of one degree That is .2 hundred thousanth of one degree.

Better New Zealand asks is it really worth crippling the oil industry, harming the dairy industry, impacting horticulture, impairing the supply of energy and lowering the living standards of all New Zealanders to reduce world temperatures in 2100 by .2 hundred thousanth of one degree?

It is futile

Therefore all efforts should cease.

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[9]     Cannabis

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To wrest sale and supply of Cannabis from gangsters

To keep Cannabis out of the hands of youth.

Reduce harm by providing a regulated supply with known quality and strength.

To contain harmful effects by treating dysfunction as a health issue and directing those with health problems to appropriate treatment.

To remove the immense damage done by the use of prohibition to control cannabis


Legalize and license the growing and sale of Cannabis.

Legalize the consumption of Cannabis on licensed premises.

Establish a Cannabis Control Commission to administer a licensing control regime.

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